Earthmovers Supply, Inc.
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Hutto, TX 78634
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Aftermarket Replacement Parts for Euclid and Terex Equipment
Supplying such items as:

Specializing in parts for trucks like this 14-FDT Euclid Bottom Dump

Just Kidding...........Earthmovers Supply specializes in supplying replacement parts for B-30 and B-70 Bottom Dumps and 18 ton thru 50 ton Euclid and Terex End Dumps

We're not the largest Euclid & Terex Aftermarket Supplier  -  Our goal is to be the most Respected

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Please take a few minutes to enjoy some of the EQUIPMENT IMAGES we have uploaded. Some old........some even older........ and some current running equipment.

Any use of OEM Part Numbers and/or Names at this WebSite is for reference only and is not meant to imply that we are in any way affiliated with mentioned OEM. Although the items we provide are not the products of these manufacturers, we have some of the same high quality suppliers.